The Last Survivor

Ridley Scotts ”ALIEN” remade by Nocturnus Film:

Last year we produced this shortfilm for the International Shortfilm Festival Hamburg. The task was to do a 3-minute remake of another film. We decided to stick to the scariest, darkest and best sci-fi-movie ever made: ”ALIEN” by Ridley Scott. And so we remade the last scene of the film, in which Ripley seems to be safe from the xenomorph, but suddenly finds herself face to face with the ALIEN.


Ellen Riley – Siri Nase
Alien – Gerald Arp
Willy the cat

Directed by – Daniel Raboldt
Produced by – Axel Ricke, Daniel Raboldt, Stefan Weski, Thorsten Franzen
Production manager – Axel Ricke
Director of photography – Thorsten Franzen
Creature Design – Stefan Weski
Edited by – Zuhal Er
Music by – Norah B.
Casting by – Kristin Diehle
Production Design – Thorsten Franzen, Stefan Weski, Daniel Raboldt
Visual Effects by – Niko Junge, Henning Ricke, Daniel Raboldt, Axel Ricke
Make-Up – Lisa Schmermer
Costumes – Stefan Weski
Sound Design – Daniel Raboldt
Animal Trainer – Björn Karg
Gaffer – Marcus Weiner
Still photography – Pia Beine, Robert Hoernig
Sethelp – Michael Farnbacher

Special thanks to:
AKKI e.V. Düsseldorf
Clipper Medienwerkstatt
LVR-Zentrum für Medien und Bildung
Tanja Rusack
Barbara Kraayvanger
Björn Karg
Julie Chatzistamatiou
Martin Ackermann

Nocturnus Film

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