Arbetarkamp i Star Trek

RomDet finns många uppror och liknande i Star Trek, men få strejker och andra typer av arbetarkamp. Det finns dock en mycket känd strejkincident som sker ombord på stationen Deep Space 9. Närmare bestämt på en bar ägd av Quark, en Ferengi-köpman. Ledare för arbetarnas fackförening på baren är en annan Ferengi, Rom, bror till Quark. Rom bröt sina tidigare goda förbindelser med brodern i samband med konflikten på arbetsplatsen som handlade om både arbetsmiljö och löner:

Rom holds a secret meeting with the employees of the bar and says that he wants to form a union. Some of the employees, especially the Ferengi employees, are shocked that Rom would even suggest forming a union. The Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA) strictly forbids employees to form unions. Rom says not to be afraid of the FCA, to stand up and fight for what they want. Rom even names a few employees who could benefit from sick leave or vacation time. The employees finally agree to form the union and present their demands to Quark.

Rom goes to the infirmary and seeks Bashir’s advice on unions. Bashir is surprised that Rom went to such an extreme, he was only speaking metaphorically. ChiefO’Brien, who is being treated for a cyst on the back of his neck, encourages Rom and tells him about his ancestor, Sean O’Brien, who was a union miner back in 1902 Pennsylvania. Sean and a group of employees went on strike, refusing to open the anthracite mine until their demands were met. Dr. Bashir warns Rom to only strike as a last resort; perhaps Quark will give in to the union’s demands.


Quark returns to the bar to find the union waiting for him. Quark thinks it is a birthday surprise; they’re a month too late. Rom says that they are the Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees and they are there to present their demands. Quark reads their demands and laughs. Rom says this is no joke. Quark says it is and to get back to work before he fires all of them. The Guild has no choice but to go on strike.

The strike begins and the union is thanking people for not dining at Quark’s by handing out gold-pressed latinum.

FackföreningenDet hela utspelar sig i avsnittet som heter Bar Association av serien Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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