Red Peppers tio SF-favoriter – en klar dag kan man se revolutionen

Red Pepper är en radikal brittisk tidskrift som skriver så här om sig själva:

Red Pepper is a bi-monthly magazine and website of left politics and culture. We’re a socialist publication drawing on feminist, green and libertarian politics. We seek to be a space for debate on the left, a resource for movements for social justice, and a home for anyone who wants to see a world based on equality, meaningful democracy and freedom.

Red Pepper is completely independent, and whilst not rejecting party politics, seeks to help build the kind of pluralistic, dynamic movements which can fundamentally challenge our economic system, with its entrenched injustice, structures of power and oppression, and tendency towards war and environmental destruction. Although based in London, we have links around Britain, and have always covered events and perspectives from outside the capital.

Jag citerade i ett annat inlägg tidningens intervjuer med några kända SF-författare med hjärtat till vänster. De beskrev på ett bra sätt varför jag tycker om science-fiction. Tidningen har också gjort en lista på 10 favoriter bland SF-böcker:

  • Iron Council, China Miéville
  • Body of Glass, Marge Piercy
  • The Star Fraction, Ken MacLeod
  • White Queen, Gwyneth Jones
  • The Dispossessed, Ursula K Le Guin
  • Swastika Night, Katharine Burdekin, writing as Murray Constantine
  • Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
  • Babel-17, Samuel R Delany
  • Culture Series, Iain M Banks
  • Forty Signs of Rain, Kim Stanley Robinson

CultureTre av mina favoritförfattare i genren finns med på listan, Ursula K. LeGuin, Iain M Banks och Ken MacLeod. Om Iain M Banks Cultureserie skriver Red Pepper så här:

Banks just has to be included here but it’s pretty much impossible to select one from among the ten books in the decades-spanning Culture series. What Star Trek would have been if the Federation was organised on anarchist principles and the Enterprise was a living ship guided by a prodigious artificial intelligence with a nice line in wry humour, the Culture universe is a provocative playground for committed post-humanists. The sad news of Banks’ death means the series is at a close, but these books will be read, re-read, pondered and critiqued long after the rest of us have returned to galactic dust.

The Star FractionCulture-serien är bland det bästa som skrivits i SF-genren. Bland de bästa är förstås också The Dispossessed av Ursula K. LeGuin, från vilken bok namnet på denna blogg hämtats. Men jag tycker Left Hand of Darkness är hennes bästa bok. Värt att citera är också det som Red Pepper skriver om Ken MacLeods The Star Fraction:

First in the ‘Fall Revolutions’ series and a somewhat wry dig at the factionalisation of the left in the wake of neoliberalism. A near-future UK is split into mini-states with competing ideologies; a small part of north London exists as a libertarian/anarchist enclave and the green eco-warriors are armed and dangerous. Riffing on cyberpunk’s preoccupation with artificial intelligence and its ubiquitous multi-functioning mirrorshades (here called ‘glades’), The Star Fraction is part send-up of conspiracy theorising paranoia and part serious call-to-arms for an entrenched left. ‘On a clear day,’ writes MacLeod, ‘you can see the revolution.’

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100 bästa Science-Fiction-böckerna fram till 1984

David Pringle skrev vid mitten av 1980-talet boken Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels, An English-Language Selection, 1949-1984. Den publicerades 1985 av Xanadu med ett förord skrivet av Michael Moorcock. De böcker som fanns med på listan var följande:

  1. Nineteen Eighty-FourGeorge Orwell (1949)
  2. Earth AbidesGeorge R. Stewart (1949)
  3. The Martian ChroniclesRay Bradbury (1950)
  4. The Puppet MastersRobert A. Heinlein (1951)
  5. The Day of the TriffidsJohn Wyndham (1951)
  6. LimboBernard Wolfe (1952)
  7. The Demolished ManAlfred Bester (1953)
  8. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury (1953)
  9. Childhood’s EndArthur C. Clarke (1953)
  10. The Paradox MenCharles L. Harness (1953)
  11. Bring the JubileeWard Moore (1953)
  12. The Space MerchantsFrederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth (1953)
  13. Ring Around the SunClifford D. Simak (1953)
  14. More Than HumanTheodore Sturgeon (1953)
  15. Mission of GravityHal Clement (1954)
  16. A Mirror for ObserversEdgar Pangborn (1954)
  17. The End of EternityIsaac Asimov (1955)
  18. The Long TomorrowLeigh Brackett (1955)
  19. The InheritorsWilliam Golding (1955)
  20. The Stars My DestinationAlfred Bester (1956)
  21. The Death of GrassJohn Christopher (1956)
  22. The City and the Stars, Arthur C. Clarke (1956)
  23. The Door into SummerRobert A. Heinlein (1957)
  24. The Midwich CuckoosJohn Wyndham (1957)
  25. Non-StopBrian Aldiss (1958)
  26. A Case of ConscienceJames Blish (1958)
  27. Have Space Suit—Will Travel, Robert A. Heinlein (1958)
  28. Time Out of JointPhilip K. Dick (1959)
  29. Alas, BabylonPat Frank (1959)
  30. A Canticle for LeibowitzWalter M. Miller, Jr. (1959)
  31. The Sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1959)
  32. Rogue MoonAlgis Budrys (1960)
  33. Venus Plus XTheodore Sturgeon (1960)
  34. HothouseBrian Aldiss (1962)
  35. The Drowned WorldJ. G. Ballard (1962)
  36. A Clockwork OrangeAnthony Burgess (1962)
  37. The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick (1962)
  38. Journey Beyond TomorrowRobert Sheckley (1962)
  39. Way Station, Clifford D. Simak (1963)
  40. Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1963)
  41. GreybeardBrian Aldiss (1964)
  42. Nova ExpressWilliam S. Burroughs (1964)
  43. Martian Time-Slip, Philip K. Dick (1964)
  44. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Philip K. Dick (1965)
  45. The WandererFritz Leiber (1965)
  46. NorstriliaCordwainer Smith (1965)
  47. Dr. Bloodmoney, Philip K. Dick (1965)
  48. DuneFrank Herbert (1965)
  49. The Crystal WorldJ. G. Ballard (1966)
  50. Make Room! Make Room!Harry Harrison (1966)
  51. Flowers for AlgernonDaniel Keyes (1966)
  52. The Dream MasterRoger Zelazny (1966)
  53. Stand on ZanzibarJohn Brunner (1968)
  54. NovaSamuel R. Delany (1968)
  55. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Philip K. Dick (1968)
  56. Camp ConcentrationThomas M. Disch (1968)
  57. The Final Programme, Michael Moorcock (1968)
  58. PavaneKeith Roberts (1968)
  59. Heroes and VillainsAngela Carter (1969)
  60. The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guin (1969)
  61. The Palace of EternityBob Shaw (1969)
  62. Bug Jack BarronNorman Spinrad (1969)
  63. Tau ZeroPoul Anderson (1970)
  64. Downward to the EarthRobert Silverberg (1970)
  65. The Year of the Quiet SunWilson Tucker (1970)
  66. 334, Thomas M. Disch (1972)
  67. The Fifth Head of CerberusGene Wolfe (1972)
  68. The Dancers at the End of Time, Michael Moorcock (1972)
  69. Crash, J. G. Ballard (1973)
  70. Looking Backward, from the Year 2000Mack Reynolds (1973)
  71. The EmbeddingIan Watson (1973)
  72. Walk to the End of the WorldSuzy McKee Charnas (1974)
  73. The Centauri DeviceM. John Harrison (1974)
  74. The Dispossessed, Ursula K. Le Guin (1974)
  75. The Inverted WorldChristopher Priest (1974)
  76. High Rise, J.G. Ballard (1975)
  77. GalaxiesBarry N. Malzberg (1975)
  78. The Female ManJoanna Russ (1975)
  79. Orbitsville, Bob Shaw (1975)
  80. The AlterationKingsley Amis (1976)
  81. Woman on the Edge of TimeMarge Piercy (1976)
  82. Man PlusFrederik Pohl (1976)
  83. MichaelmasAlgis Budrys (1977)
  84. The Ophiuchi HotlineJohn Varley (1977)
  85. Miracle Visitors, Ian Watson (1978)
  86. Engine SummerJohn Crowley (1979)
  87. On Wings of Song, Thomas M. Disch (1979)
  88. The Walking ShadowBrian Stableford (1979)
  89. Juniper TimeKate Wilhelm (1979)
  90. TimescapeGregory Benford (1980)
  91. The Dreaming DragonsDamien Broderick (1980)
  92. Wild SeedOctavia E. Butler (1980)
  93. Riddley WalkerRussell Hoban (1980)
  94. The Complete RoderickJohn Sladek (1980)
  95. The Shadow of the Torturer, Gene Wolfe (1980)
  96. The Unreasoning MaskPhilip José Farmer (1981)
  97. Oath of FealtyLarry Niven & Jerry Pournelle (1981)
  98. No Enemy But TimeMichael Bishop (1982)
  99. The Birth of the People’s Republic of AntarcticaJohn Calvin Batchelor (1983)
  100. NeuromancerWilliam Gibson (1984)

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