Role-Playing Game Studies: Transmedia Foundations

A bunch of role-playing game scholars wrote a handbook for role-playing game studies. It’s published by Routledge, but as an academic handbook, it’s fairly expensive.

For Free RPG Day, the editors suggested that the authors would share their authors copies of the chapters they wrote – according to the publishing agreement, authors can share their own versions of the texts, but only the their own chapters and only the versions that precede the professional layout. So if you are interested in what we wrote and don’t care about how pretty it looks, here’s most of the chapters as author’s copies.

Most of them are downloadable from the links, but unfortunately some of the authors used services that put some kind of walls in front of the downloads. If you have trouble downloading the chapters, I can only suggest that you ask them for a copy.

The links were originally shared by the editors on Facebook and Twitter, but this compilation was collected by Jukka Särkijärvi and he graciously gave me permission to reshare it.

Ursprungligen publicerat på Jonne Arjorantas blogg med licensen CC-BY-NC 4.0 och återpublicerat är i enlighet med den.

Book Contents

1 The Many Faces of Role-Playing Game Studies

Sebastian Deterding and José P. Zagal


2 Definitions of “Role-Playing Games”

José P. Zagal and Sebastian Deterding


3 Precursors

Jon Peterson

4 Tabletop Role-Playing Games

William J. White, Jonne Arjoranta, Michael Hitchens, Jon Peterson, Evan Torner, and Jonathan Walton

5 Live-Action Role-Playing Games

J. Tuomas Harviainen, Rafael Bienia, Simon Brind, Michael Hitchens, Yaraslau I. Kot, Esther MacCallum-Stewart, David W. Simkins, Jaakko Stenros, and Ian Sturrock

6 Single-Player Computer Role-Playing Games

Douglas Schules, Jon Peterson, and Martin Picard

7 Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games

Mark Chen, Riley Leary, Jon Peterson, and David W. Simkins

8 Online Freeform Role-Playing Games

Jessica Hammer

9 The Impact of Role-playing Games on Culture

Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Jaakko Stenros, and Staffan Björk


10 RPG Theorizing by Designers and Players

Evan Torner

11 Performance Studies and Role-Playing Games

Sarah Hoover, David W. Simkins, Sebastian Deterding, David Meldman, and Amanda Brown

12 Sociology and Role-Playing Games

J. Patrick Williams, David Kirschner, Nicolas Mizer, and Sebastian Deterding

13 Psychology and Role-Playing Games

Sarah Lynne Bowman and Andreas Lieberoth

14 Literary Studies and Role-Playing Games

David Jara and Evan Torner

15 Learning and Role-Playing Games

Jessica Hammer, Alexandra To, Karen Schrier, Sarah Lynne Bowman, and Geoff Kaufman

16 Economics and Role-Playing Games

Isaac Knowles and Edward Castronova

17 Science and Technology Studies and Role-Playing Games

Rafael Bienia

18 Game Design and Role-Playing Games

Staffan Björk and José P. Zagal

19 Communication Research and Role-Playing Games

William J. White


20 Worldbuilding in Role-Playing Games

Karen Schrier, Evan Torner, and Jessica Hammer

21 Role-Playing Games as Subculture and Fandom

Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Aaron Trammell

22 Immersion and Shared Imagination in Role-Playing Games

Sarah Lynne Bowman

23 Players and Their Characters in Role-Playing Games

Sarah Lynne Bowman and Karen Schrier

24 Transgressive Role-play

Jaakko Stenros and Sarah Lynne Bowman

25 Sexuality and the Erotic in Role-Play

Ashley ML Brown and Jaakko Stenros

26 Representation and Discrimination in Role-Playing Games

Aaron Trammell

27 Power and Control in Role-Playing Games

Jessica Hammer, Whitney Beltran, Jonathan Walton, and Moyra Turkington

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